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The Promise of Prayer

Live a Praying Life by Jennifer Kennedy Dean The promise of prayer is a transformed heart. Through the ongoing flow of prayer we are brought into contact with the Father’s heart. As we behold His glory, we are changed into … Continue reading

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The Eternal Now

  From Power in the Name of Jesus by Jennifer Kennedy dean In the context of your present circumstances, God’s name is a present-tense name. Not I WAS. Not I WILL BE. His name is always I AM. Do you see … Continue reading

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Brantley’s Wild Ride

Let me tell you a story about when Brantley was young enough that he couldn’t make the “r” sound (it came out as “w”). Sitting in the kitchen after Bible School one day, I made conversation by asking him what … Continue reading

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Brand New

Nothing is more full of pure, undiluted hope than the birth of a baby. A fresh slate. A new beginning. A life at its genesis, not yet wounded by the harshness of reality. No mistakes to regret, no offenses to … Continue reading

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Then—and now the intimacy is stunning—then God breathes.
He leans over this earthy man, covers the human’s mouth with His
own, and breathes. Continue reading

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