Power Talker

From Power in the Name of Jesus

The Jewish rulers had sent the Temple guards to arrest Him. That was the job of the Temple guard—to arrest people, or at least to physically restrain them and maintain order. They knew how to grab hold of a person who didn’t want to be held. They knew how to subdue a person who tried to escape them. They were burly and armed and had the authority of the leaders behind them. Yet when they returned to the leaders without Jesus in tow, their only explanation for their failure to arrest him was, “No one ever spoke the way this man does” (John 7:46).

What they did not quite understand was that Jesus spoke the very words of God that in the beginning formed the earth. He spoke words that had God-power in them. The people were impressed with His actions—His miracles. But they were mesmerized by His words. It was His words that held them spellbound for hours at a time.

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