Week 9: Prayer Action Points

“Not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42).

This week, let these words be the only prayer you pray about situations that confront you. Focus on relinquishing every situation to Him to be a platform for His power.

Let us know how your times of prayer are enriched. What is the Lord teaching you?

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3 Responses to Week 9: Prayer Action Points

  1. Paula Hughes says:

    Hi Jennifer: I spoke to a women’s group today on Releasing Your Passion for the Kingdom of God. I woke up stressed this morning and began going over my notes – over and over and over. Then I read your word for today – “Not my Will”. You said let this be your words today. I put my notes down and just stayed in prayer all the way to the conference. It went so well, very well received and the women seemed very interested and responded well. Thanks Jennifer. (You may not remember me – I worked at Stonecroft Ministries and met you many times.

  2. Today God spoke to me about emptying my hands.of my own ways. In order to take hold of my hand the Lord wishes to take hold of my empty hand. I pictured a toddler holding hands with his parents and being swept up in the air every few steps. The feeling of flight is exhilerating to the child yet he is secure and safe in the parents hands. Who is holding who? The child may think he is holding hands with his father and in a sense he is but in reality the father has hold of the child.

  3. In Ephesians 1:17 Paul is praying for these believers. He is setting an example for me here as how to pray according to Gods will. For as I see it whatever I read as recorded in the Bible is surely an assurance that these requests reflect the will of God. Therefor I pray for myself first that God will give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation and now I can pray the same prayer for others knowing I am praying in the will of God.

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