Ruler of Heaven and Earth

From Pursuing the Christ by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Every cell and molecule, every atom, every neutrino, every particle of earth is of Your own design. You thought it and then formed it. You meticulously set each piece into place, ordering the universe perfectly.

Your creation is so vast that only now have we begun to get a dim glimpse of its expanse—universes and planets and suns and moons and stars beyond the ones we inhabit, and others no doubt yet undiscovered. You, the Eternal Word, created everything just by voicing.

That creative voicing thundered with such majesty and authority that universes sprang up farther than our eyes will ever be able to see. Of all creation, You formed a single planet and designed it to be the cradle for Your Incarnation.

You chose one planet. You chose one nation on that planet and appointed it one patch of land as its country. You chose one woman from that nation. You chose one spot in that country. You chose all this for the great unveiling, the big reveal.

No one has ever seen God.The One and Only
Son—the One who is at the Father’s side—
He has revealed Him.
—John 1:18

You, Creator and Ruler of all the universe, entered Your creation incognito. Who would have recognized the In-the-Beginning God in the form of a little baby lying in a feeding trough on a bed of hay in a lowly stable in a little village in a little country on a little planet?

There You were—revealing God, unveiling love
and compassion, introducing Your creation to the heart
of its Creator.

You left all fullness to come to my emptiness.

You left Your riches to enter my poverty.

You left Your throne to become a servant.

You left the glory You had with the Father before
the world began to participate in my unglorious

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