God With Us

From Pursuing the Christ by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

When You, God With Us, were
born on that night long ago in a place far away, You
opened the way for heaven to invade earth and earth
to experience heaven. It was ultimately the birth of my
salvation. The first step in that grand eternal plan that
would make it possible for You, Jesus, to be closer than
the breath in my body… to be Christ in me. You are no
faraway deity waiting for me to find You. You are God
With Us.

God With Us, Your desire for me compelled You
to seek me out no matter the cost.

God With Us, You made Yourself knowable so that
I could know You.

God With Us, You measured Your love for me
against the splendor of heaven and chose me.

Little Baby, born in a stable, when You were still
slick with Your mother’s birthing fluids, pulling earth’s
air into Your new lungs for the first time, first hearing
the sound Your vocal chords created in earth’s atmosphere
. . . even then, You were my salvation. Baby Jesus,
may Your Spirit so align my life with Your willingness
to embrace humility as a crowning achievement that
this willingness becomes the evidence of Christ in me.

About Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Author and speaker
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2 Responses to God With Us

  1. Marsha Brown says:


  2. Tonie says:

    Amazing, my salvation born in a manger and walked to have me be received by God not as I came but as I become Holy as He. The picture of a perfect plan wrapped up as Living Words that reveal and change me with every breath taken of it.

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