Heaven’s Work in Earth’s Circumstances

“The historical record of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham” (Matthew 1:1).  When

You tell the story as it occurred on the earth side of the grand stage, You keep hinting at heaven’s role. The record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, born on earth to a mother named Mary and her husband named Joseph, though sparsely stated without elaboration, reminds me of what the Word made flesh has revealed to my heart. The details are there, but in shadow.

The genealogy reminds me that for generations— in fact since time began—You were in the process of fulfilling Your promise. While Your people thought You slow or even negligent, the promise was in progress. The ancestors through whom the Promised One would be revealed were being carefully hand selected. The groundwork was being laid. The picture was being framed and given texture and context. The story was being written, detail upon detail, building to its climactic event when the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.

I am reminded that You have the end firmly fixed from the beginning. You alone know everything that must be in place for the time to be ripe for the promise. You are always in the process of revealing the promise. You are careful and deliberate, but not slow. Remind me, as I watch to see You move in my circumstances today, that I am not caught in any timebound, earthbound problem. I am not enslaved to any need that presents itself in my experience. You are at work in a bigger, broader universe, beyond what I can see.

By the time the promise is revealed in my life, it has been worked out through people, each one changed as she becomes part of the genealogy of the promise. Each one handpicked and carefully placed along the way. Each one blessed as the promise sweeps him up into its orbit and moves him to march to its eternal rhythm.

As with the Ultimate Promise—Jesus, the Promise of all promises—when my promise is revealed in my circumstances, it is not for me alone. It is not just for my satisfaction or for my fulfillment, but rather it is the Word made flesh. It is the Word of promise that is now made evident and made visible in my circumstances. The earth was just the setting in which the Word made flesh could become visible. My little circumstances are just the setting in which Your Word to me can become visible.

Remind me when I forget. You are always in the process of keeping Your promise. In my life, a promise is always in progress. Thank You.

From Pursuing the Christ

About Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Author and speaker
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